Hiring Process
CCC Recruiters are constantly hiring child caregivers and teachers. Candidates may apply online or in-person. Once your application has been received, one of CCC’s experienced Recruiters will contact you to schedule an in-person interview. During the interview the Recruiter will assess your experience and qualifications and discuss your employment preferences with you. You will also be required to complete some paperwork. If your interview is successful, the CCC Recuiter will contact you to guide you through the remainder of the process. Please click here to see answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
How to Apply?
You typically need to be at least 18 years of age to be employed by CCC. To apply for employment, call our applicant hotline at 888-242-1289 or call the office nearest you and make an appointment with your regional recruiter. Alternatively, apply online now to get your process started. When your online application is received, your local Regional Recruiter will contact you.
When coming for your interview, make sure you bring the following with you:
  Your Social Security card
  A valid Drivers License
Relevant school transcripts, showing course work taken in the education and child care field
  A copy of your resume
Your CCC Recruiter will review your application and conduct an interview with you. If your interview is successful, your Recruiter will follow-up with you to guide you through the remainder of the hiring process. Since most CCC Recruiters were teachers themselves, they genuinely understand the needs of child care professionals and schools.
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