How to sign-up?
Signing up with CCC is absolutely FREE. It does not commit you to using any CCC services for any period of time. It just allows CCC to complete some necessary paperwork, without which we can not commence service. Once you have signed up, when you do have a staffing need, CCC can respond to your request immediately.
Signing up involves you being informed of and agreeing to the policies and procedures governing the provision of staffing services. It also involves the prospective customer filling out a Credit Information Form for checking credit history and trade references. Since CCC pays its employees prior to getting paid by its customers, we are in essence extending short-term credit to our customers; therefore, establishing the customer’s ability to pay and history of payment is relevant. If you are not immediately approved for credit or you do not wish to fill in a Credit Information Form, you can use your VISA or Master Card to prepay for your orders.
Once the sign up procedure is successfully completed, you can order service at any time.
Signing up is quick and easy
Call 1-877-888-4173 now to get started immediately or apply online now to get the process started. Once your information is received, CCC will contact you to complete the process.
Don’t forget!
  No obligation • No taxes • No hidden fees • FREE to join
• Pay only for what you use
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How to sign-up?
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